Fishmeat: Time To Name And Shame

The Labour Party are afraid of me, because they know I never back down from a fight unless I do.

I may have the emotional maturity of a twelve year old, but when it comes to fighting dirty I won’t be beaten, especially if there’s cash involved.

The Labour MP who has a woman chained to his cellar wall still won’t name himself. I gave him a chance to salvage something from this mess, but he refused to take it. Now I’m going to hurt him.

Over the next few dozen blogposts I’m going to drop clues about the identity of this despicable piece of vermin. If he has any sense he’ll do the right thing and resign, and admit that it was me, ME! who destroyed him. If not, I’ll keep dragging it out until he ends up grovelling at my feet for forgiveness.

Here are a few clues to get you going:

  1. Before he became an MP he was not an MP.
  2. Despite his disgusting propensities towards chained women, he has never been convicted of slavery offences.
  3. He is a household name in his own household.
  4. He lives on one of the two biggest New Zealand islands.

I know the guy’s name is practically on the tip of your tongue!

More soon.