Person likes Seven Sharp

The producers of TVNZ’s embattled Seven Sharp show have had a huge boost, after someone admitted to liking the show.

Seven Sharp’s ratings have plummeted since its launch on TV One a couple of weeks ago, raising serious questions about the future of the show.

But the producers of Seven Sharp were buzzing yesterday, after someone admitted to liking the show.

Des O’Leary of Paeroa, wrote on his Facebook page that he was enjoying the mixture of news and entertainment offered up by Seven Sharp.

“It’s quite good,” wrote Mr O’Leary on Friday night, after watching the show.

“It’s a refreshing change from all the bland news and current affairs we’ve been subjected to in the past”, wrote Mr O’Leary.

“I enjoyed it from the very first show, when John Key gave us a guided tour of his office. He even showed us his toilet.

“The piece would have been even better if they’d filmed Mr Key doing a shit, but as first nights go it was pretty good.”

News that someone, somewhere, likes the show had the Seven Sharp presenters beaming last night.

“Tell us what you think,” said co-host Greg Boyed.

“We’d love to hear your views,” said his co-host Alison Mau.

“Send us your feedback,” said the third co-host Jesse Mulligan.

Prior to Mr O’Leary’s Facebook comment critics had been lining up to pour scorn upon the show and its presenters.

But news that one person likes Seven Sharp will take immense pressure off the show’s producers.

Even more welcome will be the fact that Mr O’Leary is part of the all-important younger viewer demographic.

“We aren’t interested in older viewers,” said a TVNZ insider. “They are dead to us. So this is great news.”

“It’s fantastic,” agreed the show’s co-host Jesse Mulligan. “But tell us what you think. We’d love to hear from you.”