Coleman: Marriage Equality Bill ignores Schleswig-Holstein Question

Dr Jonathan Coleman says the Marriage Equality Bill fails to balance
the rights of the Danish Crown with those of the German Confederation

One of the National Party MPs who plans to vote against the Marriage Equality Bill says there has been insufficient time devoted during the debate to the Schleswig-Holstein Question.

The bill looks set to pass into law, with MPs having their final vote tonight.

Northcote MP Dr Jonathan Coleman says he plans to vote against the bill because there has been little research undertaken on how marriage equality could affect the Schleswig-Holstein Question.

“We owe it to the people of Schleswig-Holstein to get this right,” said Dr Coleman.

“The bill as drafted does not address the central question of whether or not the duchy of Schleswig is an integral part of the dominions of the Danish crown.

“Until I can be satisfied that the proposed law balances the needs of the Danish monarchy with the rights of the German Confederation, I cannot in good conscience support any change to our current marriage laws.”