Some advice to the politically active

Sometimes when you’re in the middle of a pitched battle over what some political figure did or said, it can be easy to lose sight of the greater picture. Perspective can be lost when you are flinging insults and retorts at your enemies, thrusting furiously at their weak spots, and denigrating their ideologies.

When your senses have been overwhelmed with the need to stamp on your opponents, squashing them and all their hateful ideas into the dirt, it can be difficult to control your emotions. But the thing you need to do most of all is stand back and calmly appraise the situation. When passions are inflamed and hatreds are stirred it can be difficult to think rationally or sensibly.

You need to find time to examine your own beliefs. How important really is your struggle? How crucial to the cause is it that your team skewers the opposing team over what their guy said or did? Does it really matter to anyone outside the beltway?

Only when you dispassionately assess the situation, sit back, relax and take a few deep breaths, will you come to the gradual realisation that the battle you are fighting over who phoned whom, who briefed whom, and who knows what, is in fact the most important battle anyone will ever fight.

Only once you have taken the time to assess the merits of your cause, and the part it has to play in the greater history of your nation, will you realise that your enemies are evil depraved monsters who must be destroyed.

And once you have regained that sense of perspective you will finally appreciate that death would be too good for all of the scum who disagree with you.

It isn’t an easy road to travel, and the sort of wisdom I’m alluding to can take time to develop. Don’t expect to wake up one morning and have all the answers, because it can take time to realise that you are right, everyone else is wrong, and they must all die for their crimes.

The ancient Greeks had a saying: know thyself. It’s about the best advice I can give someone who is struggling to work out where they fit in the greater scheme of things. How can you hope to achieve anything in the political arena if you don’t even know your own mind?

So take time out, read widely, and listen to the opinions of people other than members of the narrow faction you belong to. Absorb this mass of knowledge, and let it swirl about in your head for a while before coming to any firm conclusions.

Once you have done this you will come to realise that the battles you have been fighting are not really battles over which ideology should prevail. They are in fact small skirmishes in a greater war to save the entirety of western civilisation from the ravages of those evil plundering bastards who just happen to be on the other team.

A calm and measured approach towards debate will also take you far. The worst thing you can do when you are engaging your opponents is resort to abuse. Any hope of reasoned and rational discourse will quickly disappear the moment you allow insults into the debate. Yours is a contest of ideas, so put your points forward in a calm and rational manner, using a mixture of logic and evidence to back your arguments up. That way you will win the debate, and you will have advanced your cause a little further. One day, when your ideology has prevailed, you will get the opportunity to deal with the people who opposed you. Be patient! You will get your chance to smash their faces in, burn down their villages, carry off their women and children, and pass wide-ranging laws cracking down on dissent.

So take a deep breath and step away from your computer. Ask yourself how important your cause really is and if it really matters, and if anyone suggests it doesn’t matter then work carefully and patiently to annihilate them completely and utterly.
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Treat your opponents with respect when you are debating them,
and behave as if they are decent human beings.
Your chance to dehumanise them will come soon enough.