Hello Mike?

Mike, I see you’ve been busy on Newstalk ZB’s website, applauding the SkyCity convention centre deal.

The main question I have out of the convention centre announcement is should progress really be this hard? 

The idea was first mooted back in 2003 and once National got into power and decided it was worth giving a go, it’s been nothing but a fight. A public relations war filled with alarmist headlines and needless drama. 

The convention centre is desperately needed. Why? Because we don’t have one and when you don’t have one, you don’t get big conferences which means you miss out on thousands of people and millions of dollars. That’s one of the core bits of business for a government – economic growth. In this particular deal, not only do we get a problem solved but someone else pays for it.

It’s all very good, Mike, but are you not telling us something?

Mike, do you have anything to tell us? Anything to declare?


Are you there?

Hello… Mike? Was there something you wanted to tell us? Something about SkyCity?

Did you forget to mention something, Mike?

Is there anything you want to get off your chest, Mike?

Hello? Are you still with us?

Come on, Mike, I know you’re a hard-hitting journalist who isn’t afraid to ask the tough questions. This question isn’t so tough, though, is it?

Mike, is there anything you want to tell us? Anything at all? You know we’ll listen, because you’re a hard-hitting journalist, and when you talk everyone listens.

Mike, was there something about SkyCity, something personal to you, that you failed to mention in your opinion piece?