8 thoughts on “A plea to John Key’s government

  1. Its concerning that we are becoming such an uncaring country for our fellow citizens that are going through hardship. The punitive agenda of Bennett towards beneficiaries seems popular with some Kiwi’s .This says a lot about the sort of country we have become. 30 years of Neo liberal economics has certainly changed the psyche of New Zealanders.

  2. Not only are they going to drug test beneficiaries, but it looks like they are going to make them pay for the privilege. From today’s Government Electric Tender Service.

    Pre-employment Drug Testing for Work and Income Beneficiaries with Work Obligations.

    When a beneficiary is required to take and pass a drug test, Work and Income will:

    • provide them with a list of testing agencies in their area and the cost that the testing agency charges for a test
    • confirm with the beneficiary which testing agency they choose to use
    • offer assistance to the beneficiary to help meet the amount of taking the test and explain that this must be repaid from their benefit.

  3. We are nothing to them. We are, officially, trash
    They’ve pulled up the ladder, they’re keeping the cash
    While it seems they are evil, their policies rash
    They’re just in a bittova hurry to bolster their stash.

    There’ll be Knighthoods and Damehoods before they’re estranged
    Their spots on the Boards and the quangos arranged
    “Who cares of employment, solo mums, the deranged
    We’ll grab what we can before the government is changed…”

    So there’s my opinion, and the gist of the rhyme ?
    Don’t bother with begging, you’re wasting your time !

  4. Nice, but the point everyone seems to miss is that if the 9,000 number covers three quarters, this is about 12,000 a year, which is the average for the last two years. The reforms have had no effect.

  5. Next up: bringing back the death penalty and charging the families of the executed an administration fee to the cover the cost of the bullets.

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