15 thoughts on “Goodbye

  1. You’ve lasted well, it’s hard work sustaining a blog – especially satirical, and especially especially when events lend themselves to feeling more like hysterical.

    Time will tell if this is a Brian Edwards type retirement or not.

  2. Have a good break! I’ve really enjoyed your posts, and would echo Pete George’s comments about the challenging of keeping up a blog – particularly given the care and frequency with which you’ve written.

    All the best, and hope to see your work again soon – either here or in some other forum.

  3. Hope you grace us with your posts again soon. They always bring a smile to my face. Now I’ll have to just read some of the more “out there” right wing blogs and pretend they’re satirical…

    Thanks and I second Pete’s comment above!

  4. I give you until the end of next week before you are back blogging. Giving up is harder than quitting smoking!

    But if you do have more self-control than me, thanks for the entertainment.

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