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I’ve been thinking about the crisis enveloping David Cunliffe and the Labour Party. It seems increasingly clear that the whole thing was a National party setup.

But if the Nats think this is some sort of victory for them, they should think again. The whole thing is backfiring badly, and they will end up regretting their smear. Already the nation is turning on National, as people wake up and realise who is behind this scandal. I’ve seen at least three people on my Twitter feed questioning National’s tactics.

I’m not at all worried about the polls out this week, one of which showed support for Labour as low as 23%. 23% is a pretty good base to build from, and if Labour can hold that number on September 20 and then do deals with the Greens, Mana-Internet, NZ First, the Maori Party, Peter Dunne, and ACT, they should be able to form a government, if several National MPs also defect to Labour.

But the polls will go up, as people finally wake up and realise how rotten and corrupt this pack of Tories are. National will rue the day they ever attacked the credibility of David Cunliffe. I’m sure they will. Any moment now the public of this country will cry “enough!” and sweep Labour into power.

There is no disaster for Labour here. Only opportunity. This will be a strategic victory for Labour and for David Cunliffe, mark my words.

It makes you wonder, though. It’s so obvious that this will now backfire that it almost makes you wonder if David Cunliffe planned it to turn out this way.

Supposing Cunliffe engineered the entire thing, knowing his opponents would not be able to help themselves? Knowing that when it all blew up in their faces, he would be triumphant.

If that’s what happened, then David Cunliffe is a genius. A legend.

This is a disaster for National (update: now four people on my Twitter feed have questioned National’s tactics). Any moment now the polls will rebound. Any moment now the public will rise up in disgust at National’s dirty tactics.

Any moment now…


Has it happened yet? No. Just wait for a bit…

Any moment…

Look, maybe I’ll check back here in a couple of hours. In the meantime I have a victory party to plan.