Obscure blogger apologises for misleading readers

Scott Yorke, blogger

Scott Yorke, blogger

Little-known blogger Scott Yorke today tried to distance himself from statements made earlier this year that he was retiring from all blogging.

Mr Yorke claimed back in March that he was retiring from blogging. But now he claims that he never meant to retire, and that the earlier statements he made about his blogging future have been misunderstood.

“Did I really say I was retiring? Look, at the end of the day Imperator Fish is a fun place,” he told the New Zealand Herald.

“We have lots of fun and games there. There’s always lots of practical jokes and things. It’s a very warm, friendly relationship. In that context you’d say yes, but if you look at it now, no.”

Mr Yorke said his statements have been misconstrued.

“There’s always lots of horsing around and sort of practical jokes and that’s all there really was to it. “It was all in the context of a bit of banter.”

Mr Yorke told reporters that he was a regular at the Imperator Fish blog and had a “fun relationship” with readers. But he admitted that his actions were inappropriate in hindsight.

“That’s been one of my strengths that I’m pretty casual and laid back and good for a laugh a lot of times, but that’s also led to a situation where I’ve been too casual – having too much fun if you like in a situation, playing along a little bit and that’s been very silly on my part.

“There were clearly a few hijinks and a bit of horsing around. I think in hindsight and on reflection, I should not have been as casual as that.

“I should have read the situation more accurately. I’ll learn from the experience. That’s nice hair you have, by the way. Can I sniff it?”

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