Could Bernie go all the way?

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Bernie Sanders has all the momentum after his triumph in the New Hampshire primary. Suddenly people are saying the Democratic Party nomination race may be a tight one, after it seemed certain that Hillary Clinton would win. Could Bernie Sanders be the next US president?

People on the left are growing more and more excited, because finally they are hearing a leading contender talk seriously about tackling some of America’s most pressing problems. Sanders is a genuine reform candidate who may be about to herald in a new dawn of progressive politics.

Well that sure was a nice dream, wasn’t it? Hillary has this one in the bag.

Sanders is the great change candidate on the left. Clinton may be the preferred candidate within the Democratic Party establishment, but all the energy is with Sanders. And it won’t do him any good.

America hasn’t see a popular candidate like this for years. Obama may have talked about hope and change during his campaigns, but he has hardly been a radical reformer. Obama may be despised by most Republicans, but that’s more down to his skin colour than his reform agenda. Obamacare may to many deranged Republicans portend the End of Days, but America still remains the one place in the Western world where you really don’t want to get sick if you happen to be poor.

Would Sanders do better than Obama? Perhaps, but first he must win the Democratic nomination, and that will require him to overcome Hillary Clinton. Sanders captured a majority of the vote in the New Hampshire primary, and now people are asking if he can go all the way. Maybe we are finally seeing the emergence of a genuine movement for reform. Perhaps ordinary Americans have finally grown sick of the way the elites have been milking them dry for years. Maybe 2016 is the year when things finally begin to turn around. There is a real buzz in the air, so it’s a shame that Hillary Clinton happens to be holding a giant can of Raid.

Could we really see a socialist become President? Stranger things have happened. Who would have picked a black man to become leader of the most powerful nation in the world? Sanders has momentum and will have Clinton’s supporters worried. Well not really. She’s going to crush Bernie’s balls in a vice. Come Super Tuesday it’s all going to be over, and thanks for coming, Bernie.

Sanders is pushing a progressive and inclusive economic agenda that he hopes will transform America. His is campaigning on creating jobs, boosting wages, protecting the environment, and making healthcare available to everyone. Supporters of Sanders are taking to the streets, knocking on doors, and between them donating millions of dollars, because they believe in his message of hope and change. They know that something has got to change, and that Hillary Clinton doesn’t really offer that change. Only a Sanders presidency can reduce the growing gap between the rich and poor.

There is a political revolution taking place, and it is targeting the monied elites who have dominated Washington politics for too long, and like so many attempted revolutions this one will fail miserably.