A message from Simon Bridges

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I spend a lot of time talking with ordinary hardworking New Zealanders. And the one thing I hear time and time again is that people have had a gutsful of this government.

In two and a half years in power they’ve managed to achieve nothing. There’s just no plan to grow our economy. And things are only getting worse.

At the rate things are going, we may never get to explore distant galaxies or discover new forms of alien life.

This failing government has washed its hands of ordinary hardworking New Zealanders who are just trying to get ahead. Mums and dads are working hard to bring their kids up, but are now having to tell them that their dreams of travelling across the stars at many times the speed of light will never become a reality.

It’s not right that we should write off an entire generation of Kiwi kids just because Jacinda Ardern doesn’t have a plan.

This country could be a world leader in long distance space travel. We’ve always punched above our weight on the global stage. But this Labour-led government has done nothing to help ordinary Kiwis get ahead in their plans to colonise distant solar systems and spread humanity throughout the stars, creating huge empires spanning multiple star systems.

They’ve been in power for over two years, but where are the vast spaceports, the fleet of ships ready to explore the cosmos, the infrastructure necessary to support serious space exploration? They haven’t even managed to colonise Mars!

And what about the weapons systems we’ll need to keep our people safe when we encounter hostile alien life? Where’s the plan to arm every Kiwi colonist with lethal deathray technologies as they venture forth into the great unknown?

The government I lead will be focused on improving the lives of its people. We’ll make it safer for ordinary Kiwis to subjugate and enslave entire civilisations. Ordinary Kiwi mums and dads will finally be able to take what they want from the strange people they meet in their star travels, bending them to their will and lording it over them like kings.

But you won’t get that from Labour. There’s just no creativity in this government’s plans to stimulate intergalactic travel. The only thing this government seems good at creating is new taxes and working groups.

The government I lead will have a plan. By cutting taxes we’ll make sure mums and dads have more money in their pockets so they can buy all the rocket technologies, oxygen tanks, laser weapons and power cells that their families need to get ahead.

But we’re not going to tell people how to spend their money. It shouldn’t be the role of government to tell people how to lead their lives. Some people might want to spend their tax cuts on spaceships, while others will prefer to just build enormous aquadomes under the ocean in preparation for the coming days of darkness when an influx of terrifying alien viruses inevitably kills millions of people. My government will support ordinary Kiwis to make the decisions that are right for their families.

Voters have a real choice this election year. They can stick with what they have and accept things won’t get better, that they’ll never enjoy the thrill of speeding through the stars, building vast empires and living like gods among enslaved alien races.

Or they can vote for change. You have a choice. This September you can stick with what we already have. Or you can choose to live on another planet.