We’re here for you

A message from the CEO of Meth4U

Dear valued customer

I know this is an incredibly tough time for so many of you. You may be having a hard time financially, or struggling with wellbeing during the lockdown. We are all having to deal with so much fear and uncertainty.

But I want to assure you that in spite all of the changes we are facing as a result of the COVID-19 lockdown, some things remain the same. We remain committed to supplying you with the very best quality products.

While our status as a supplier of essential service hasn’t been formally confirmed by the Government, we’ve never been afraid to make a stand and break the rules when we knew it was the right thing to do. So you can be assured that when you need your hit, we’ll be there for you. And at this stressful and difficult time, who doesn’t want to get completely smashed out of their skull?

We know we are a lifeline for so many people struggling at this time, but we also take seriously the need to provide a safe service. We are focused now more than ever on the welfare of our customers.

Our staff are working tirelessly to bring you the hit you so desperately need. From our brave bakers to our dedicated distributors and dealers, our people are out there making a difference, making sure our meth-head patrons can get their fix. It is so humbling to see the difference our people are making to the everyday lives of so many tweakers. To our hardworking staff I just want to say a big thank you. I also want to remind them that there will be consequences if the weekly take is short for any reason.

While we may in the past have had our disagreements with certain sectors of the Government (Police, Justice, Corrections, etc.), we are absolutely behind its efforts to stamp out COVID-19. That’s why we are now putting in place systems to help our customers stay safe, and avoid the spread of the disease. Starting from tomorrow all our pickups will be contactless. Just drop your cash into the bucket provided and take a bag. Our people will maintain a safe two-metre distance and will only step in if you give them trouble.

To help us to help you, we’re also asking our customers to:

  • Nominate one person to do the P shop: Please shop alone. This is to ensure we can keep you safe. It also reduces the risk of our being busted by the pigs.
  • Please shop like you normally would: There is no need to stockpile. Our cooks are working 24/7 to make sure there’s enough for everyone.
  • Be kind: Let’s just remember to be kind and considerate towards each other. We’re all in this together. But don’t be mistaken into thinking this means we’ve gone soft. No pay means no play. Get your shit together and pay us what you owe!

Finally, as a gesture of goodwill and solidarity with the community, we have issued a moratorium on hits against rival drug gangs until we are out of Level 4.

We really appreciate the patience and understanding of all our customers at this difficult time. Together we will get through this.

Thank you for your continued support.

Ngā mihi nui,

Barry “Cannibal” Jones