Shame On John Key For… Something

Amelia Wade of the Herald reports:

Already under pressure because of the “teapot tape”, John Key may have added to his legal woes with a signature.

Yesterday, the grinning Prime Minister walked in Phil Goff and Helen Clark’s shoes and autographed a banknote – technically breaking the law.

It is illegal for a person to “wilfully deface, disfigure, or mutilate” any banknote without permission from the Reserve Bank.

This is a disgraceful act by our PM. Does the man think he’s above the law now?

I hope Key is prosecuted for this vandalism to the fullest extent of the law. We’re way too soft on crimes such as these, and it’s time we sent a message to lawbreakers that we’re not going to take it any more.

Oh, wait, what’s this?

But Mr Key is not the only current leader to have signed one. Last week, while campaigning in Nelson, Phil Goff signed a $5 bill for local man Peter Hansen, who said the Labour leader was the 89th public figure to sign a banknote for him.

Um… well I mean it is only a banknote, so let’s not get carried away. I think it’s ridiculous we even have these archaic laws. What kind of arse would think signing a banknote is a big deal anyway? Some people should just get a life!

But it’s just so typical of John Key to jump on the money-signing bandwagon, after Phil Goff did it first. Does the PM not have an original thought?

Good on Phil Goff!