Crunching The Numbers: Voting Strategically On Saturday

I’ve been crunching the numbers and feeding them through some algorithms, all in an effort to help people work out how they should vote if they want a Labour-led government.

With MMP each voter gets two votes, and there are lots of tactical voting decisions to make. How you cast your vote will have a big impact on which party wins power, so voters will have to be canny about the choices they make.

The purpose of this voting guide is to help centre-left voters make the right choices.

I’ll break it down in steps, because some of the nuances of the MMP system mean it can be difficult to understand what you need to do.

Here we go.

Party Vote

This vote is really critical and will determine who forms the next government.

Vote Labour.

Electorate Vote

This is where it gets complicated, so I’ll go through this slowly.

Vote Labour.

Except in Epsom, where you need to vote National (urgh!).

I appreciate that was probably quite complex, but it’s worth rereading if you want a Labour-led government on Sunday.

You’re welcome!