Fishmeat: Taxpayer Funds Paid For Cellar Lady’s Chains

The Labour MP who is keeping a woman chained in his cellar thinks his little problem is going to go away if he says nothing to anyone.

That troughing leftie loser had better think again! I’m not going to stop for anyone, and I never back down from a fight. Everyone who has taken me on has ended up on the losing side. Except for Judge Harvey. And that insurance company.

I have pages and pages of material on all the dirty things this socialist scumbag has been up to, and all thanks to my impeccable source. I provide the crayons, and he delivers up the goods.

And best of all, this rot goes right to the top. My impeccable source confirms that Labour Leader David Shearer knows all about the lady in the cellar!

But most damningly, I have irrefutable proof that taxpayer funds were used to pay for the lady’s chains!

I’m not going to release this evidence just yet. I’m going to give the Labour MP one more chance to own up. And then I’m going to selectively release one document at a time, in order to drag this out interminably.

And when the truth comes out there will be nowhere for Labour or its new leader to hide.

Sayonara David Shearer!