What’s He Up To?

Only a few weeks ago he was the enemy, a despicable monster who had turned his back on the people of New Zealand.

Now he’s being portrayed as a hero, ensuring that two progressive pieces of legislation will go to a second reading in Parliament.

Peter Dunne may be up to something. He claims he has been consistent and clear at all times about his voting intentions, but that’s just the sort of trickery a villain like Dunne would resort to when cornered. It may be the truth, but bad guys have no business being truthful. Otherwise, how would we know who the bad guys were?

I suspect Dunne, being a cunning and evil stooge of this National government, has spotted some secret flaws with the paid parental leave and “Monday-isation” bills, and is intending to use them to deprive the hard-working people of New Zealand of their hard-earned assets and liberties. It could be a clause that the lawyers forgot to take out, or maybe something written in really small font, but you can be sure it will result in catastrophe and misery for the nation. Because Peter Dunne’s a bad guy. Remember?

Alternatively, he’s been misrepresented and misunderstood, and maybe does have some kind of social conscience, however misguided his views on asset sales may seem to most people.

But, no, that can’t be right. I don’t like my villains to have consciences.