My royal birth give-a-damn post

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This is my give-a-damn post about the royal birth.

You’ll see it’s looking

a bit empty.


gaps appear throughout the post, for where I intend to add material as and when I get my give-a-damn on.

However, I’m

really struggling with this post. I mean, I’m

sure the happy couple are very pleased with

their new arrival etc etc, and I’m not outraged or offended by them. I just don’t


I’d welcome any suggestions on how to finish

this post. Help me to fill these gaps.

Please help


5 thoughts on “My royal birth give-a-damn post

  1. “I’m not outraged or offended by them”

    Delete this bit, and replace with something along the lines of ‘Yippee. Another tax-dodging parasite sucking from the public teat. Just what we need.’

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