I’ve been reading the NZ Herald’s Mood of the Boardroom feature this morning. It turns out (shock!) that our nation’s top CEO’s generally adore John Key and Bill English, and that most of them want National to do everything possible to stay in power. For many this includes doing a deal with the hated Winston Peters, if necessary.

Like you, I am struggling to understand why most of the people doing so well under National would wish for their immense good fortune to continue.

Hopefully next week’s NZ Herald Mood of the Food Bank feature will provide some perspective and balance.

3 thoughts on “Love!

  1. lol.

    The Herald could have stopped budgeting a salary to Fran years ago… they could just ask for sponsorship from NZ’s major corporations and she’d be an instant multi-millionairesse.

    Maybe her salary package includes top-ups from 3rd party sponsors like all the sports people…? If it ain’t already, Fran should complain and get her due now. You hear me Fran? “Because You’re Worth It.”

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