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What we know or have learned so far:

  • Peter Leitch’s PR person needs to hire a good PR person.
  • The people involved in this public spat seem to have been drinking. But who hasn’t said or done something stupid while a bit squiffy? You should see me when I’ve had a few. One minute I’m all “I love you guys!” next thing I’m burning crosses in my front lawn and racially segregating my local school.
  • Let’s give Michelle Boag a break. She can’t be all that bad. Cameron Slater hates her, so that’s got to count for something, right?
  • Susan Devoy was a very good squash player.
  • The fact that this is still news suggests a lack of shark sightings across the country this summer.

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  1. `Leave a comment. But please don’t be nasty, rude, defamatory or off-topic. That’s my job`.
    Nothing I can say about this, if your guide lines are that tight..suffice to say its nice to put Sir Peter’s weights up. I’ve been waiting to do that ever since I made the mistake of trying to fry one of his cheap but heavy steaks. So much water came out, flooding my searingly hot skillet, that the best I could do was par broil it. So great to see him stewing in his own unwanted hot water. Touche.Oh and nice to see the bogey woman caught with the syringe injecting her PR talents.Bravo.Put the loud sods on the Noisies and call that a white mans rock.

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