Bob Mittsky

mittskyBob is one of New Zealand’s most feared and admired revolutionaries. He is best known for his hard-hitting columns, and for being Chairman of the Workers Solidarity Party of Aotearoa.

This Riesling revolutionary was born in Liverpool into a working class family, and moved to New Zealand in his twenties. His class consciousness and passion for the underdog were born during his time working on the Liverpool docks.

Bob is active in the union movement in New Zealand, and currently sits on the Executive Committee of the Maritime and Cheese Transportation Union. He joined the Workers Solidarity Party of Aotearoa in 2001, and rose to become its Chairman in 2005.

In 2009 Bob travelled to North Korea to be honoured with the Korean Star, an award given to the most outstanding advocates for class struggle.

He has sold dozens of books, and is a regular contributor to online forums and radio talkback shows.

Bob has been less active in recent months, as he sows revolutionary seeds within Business New Zealand and Federated Farmers, from his base in Che Guevara House on the cliffs of Paritai Drive. But he expects to return as a full-time columnist once he has stepped down from the board of Westpac.


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