Point Taken

Labour leader Phil Goff today launched a scathing attack on the National Party’s management of the country, after National yesterday released a 120 point economic plan.

In contrast to National’s plan, Labour plan for jobs growth comprises a mere six points.

Speaking to a rally of supporters in his Mt Roskill electorate, Mr Goff accused National’s leader John Key of being addicted to points.

“National’s overuse of policy points in the current economic climate is reckless and irresponsible,” said Mr Goff.

“My first act as Prime Minister will be to end this gross waste,” said the Labour leader. “Someone has to be held accountable for this outrageous spend-up on page after page of action points.”

Mr Goff explained that cuts would be achieved through reform of the public sector, to adopt clear procedures within government departments on the use of bullet-points in policy documents.

But National’s leader John Key said the reason why Labour could only come up with six points was because they lacked ideas.

“Actually, this just shows that for every one idea Labour has, National has twenty,” Mr Key said.

“Who is really the party of ideas?”

Mr Goff has responded by saying it is more important to look at the quality of the ideas than the quantity.

“In any event, National’s figures are suspect,” said Mr Goff.

“Most of the 120 points are things that have already been done. They’re effectively counting them twice. They can’t even do their sums properly, so if they can’t manage basic accountancy why should we trust them to run the country?

“It’s obscene that some people don’t have enough to live on and are struggling to put food on the table for their kids, while National is going on a policy points binge for its rich mates. Where’s the justice in that?”

Meanwhile, the ACT Party has committed to abolish all policy points as part of any deal with National after the election.

“We don’t need them,” said ACT’s leader Dr Don Brash. “And why would we? Frankly we have no idea.”